How to Support Your Child's Independent School

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How to Support Your Child's Independent School

27 September 2016
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Many parents are very passionate about the quality of education that their child receives at a local independent school. Independent schools rely on this passionate school community to continue to grow and flourish. Here are some ways to help your school flourish. 

Sing the school's praises

Independent schools rely on continuing enrolments to keep getting both federal and state funding as well as school fees. Having enough student numbers allows the school to run efficiently and have the most effective administration processes at a relatively low cost to each parent. It's a good idea to both speak highly of your school in person and also post enthusiastic commentary to your social media so that friends and family can see that your children are flourishing at their school. It's good to show not only academic achievements but also the extension activities such as sports, arts and music programs. 

Volunteer at the school

There are an endless range of ways that parents can help the school depending on your skills and experience, as well as the time you have available. Even busy working parents can be invaluable to the school community as they can provide much needed professional skills including auditing the school accounts, sitting on the school board or helping prepare grant applications. Keep an eye out around the school for opportunities that might be a good for your skills as it can often be much easier for an experienced person to pick up these skills rather than someone needing to learn a whole new skill set. 

Provide honest feedback

Independent schools rely on honest feedback to know where the school is going and which areas could do with improvement. It is a great idea if you are a passionate supporter of the school to let them know any of your feedback rapidly through the right channels. This could include speaking to teachers and principals of the school to let them know how your child is adapting to any programs and attending some sessions so that you can see them in action. Even negative feedback can be useful, especially if it happens early on, as small issues can often be dealt with easily (before they become more serious issues which are harder to fix). 

If you love your child's independent school there are a number of things you can do to help support the school, depending on your skill set and experience. 

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